Sunday, June 27, 2010


209 Show co-stars The Moon is a Disco Ball perform TOYS! live at Tompkins Square Park in NYC on 6/26/2010 in support of animal adoption charity!

Featuring Lucy DeLeche and Noel Avello! Plus Omar as "Omar."
Cameras by Jarl and Peter, edits by Peter.

Come down to Otto's Shrunken Head at 538 East 14th Street TONIGHT Sunday 6/27/2010 SUPER EARLY to eee The Moon is a Disco Ball LIVE at 6 PM along with Angel Yau, Michele Carlo, and Jason Trachtenburg and The Pendulum Swings! We'll try to broadcast it on the internet, we'll see how that works out this time. To find the latest update on that, follow @moondiscoball or go to