Monday, June 28, 2010

All the Pretty Girls

in MISS HOTSPOTS .ie Beauty Pageant!
More about this down bottom!

Together again for the very first time!

Yesterday was the gathering of the 209 Show tribes
in Manhattan
at Frank Wood's
Wind-Down Sunday @ Otto's Shrunken Head.
Above, Jason Trachtenburg of The
Pendulum Swings

meets Noel Avello from The
Moon is a Disco Ball
All my friends have band names which are too long!!! haha
Why can't someone call themselves Blort or Freem
or something short
and easier to type over and over?? Haha

We have a historic new video on YouTube today featuring BOTH
The Moon is a Disco Ball
The Pendulum Swings!
It's like the Justice League of music videos!
It's called, All the Pretty Girls!
to watch it now for free!

But it wasn't all about kicking up your heels.
There was ROMANCE in the air as well...

Lucy DeLeche made a very forward proposition to an obviously shocked Angel Yau

This led to an onstage fight between Lucy and Noel which could only be resolved
by making the confused Angel (above)sit on stage though a song,
not knowing what to do with the tambourine she was given.
I might make a YouTube video out of the dramatic love triangle
if I can figure out how to edit it down from the 4 cameras.

Angel also performed her "audition" routine, which is sort of ironic
because she just texted me from an audition for some kind of NBC comedy thing.
She asked me what she should do, she only has a minute in front of them.
I asked her if she had a bucket to puke in.
Sadly, she did not. But they would have loved that!

The lovely and talented MICHELE
told us a story about drugs and rock'n'roll
from her forthcoming book,
Fish Out of Agua!

Frank liked The moon is a Disco Ball well enough that he's already booked them
to perform at one of his birthday shows coming up in November!
Thanks Frank for throwing the great party for us and thanks also for
giving the Moon girls an excuse to come back to NYC!
To see the videos from this event as I get them done, bookmark the show's blog at
or just go to
and click on "LATEST NEWS," which will take you to the blog.

The Moon is a Disco Ball!!!!!
LIVE!! In historic Tompkins Square Park!
Performing their loveliest and most fun song ever,
Watch it HERE!
Our own lovely LISA PETERS
came in 2nd runner-up in the Miss Hotspots beauty
pageant in Ireland.
It's a fairly big deal over there. See below, this is Lisa in yesterday's Sunday
paper in Dublin:

Last night Lisa and the first runner-up (her new buddy) got let in for free
and put in the VIP room at a Leona Lewis party.
I think Lisa's mad at me today because last night instead of just congratulating
her, I was lecturing her
about how to extend this into longer-lasting fame. Every time in my life I was
in the VIP rooms, I never cared.
And that's why I'm typing this myself instead of having my hot secretary do
it, you know?
I was totally in Professor Bernard mode, I can become very didactic, but I want
to see Lisa succeed
more than I want to be liked or be popular.
Lucy DeLeche says that when Lisa doesn't understand me, it's because
she's probably expecting me to behave like a normal guy, haha.
That's a good way to put it.

Uh-oh, NOW I've done it! Lisa's leaving.
I talked about myself too much. Beautiful women hate it when you talk about