Monday, June 7, 2010

209 Show News 6/07/2010

FINALLY! The NYC Television Premiere of "BEST
FRIENDS on the go!"

Mysteriously, this episode has been censored in both boroughs each time I
tried to air it. But they aired last week's show in both places, and I have been talking to them in person lately, so I think there's a good chance this great episode will FINALLY see the light of day! That's The Moon is a Disco Ball and Angel Yau

Brooklyn: Midnight channel 56 or 69
Manhattan: 2 am channel 67 or 85

has a gig coming up at the UCB Theatre, it's her
Storytelling Show
Matinee Show 2:30 PM
Saturday June 19, 2010 * UCB Theatre
Angel gets a shout-out from MICHELE CARLO (below)

in today's new Peter Bernard's New York!
Watch it now in widescreen HD:
Today, Michele is talking about her new project sponsored by the Brooklyn
Council on the Arts
as well as her upcoming gig with Angel and The Moon is a Disco Ball,
which she for some reason calls the 209 Show Tenth Anniversary Party,

I think Lisa and I started calling it the 209 Show
in 2007, hahaha.

This one event has expanded into two, including a charity event for breast cancer that we're very proud to announce that The Moon is a Disco Ball will be hosting the entire evening! It's part of their New York City Tour 2010 (and Sunday is the conclusion of said tour!)
There's a flyer for both events up there, and we'll have more info as the shows get closer!
Thanks to Cliff Ferdon and Frank Wood!

If you're not one of the 8 billion people friended to Lisa on Facebook, here
are some of the pix of her at the recent MS. PB IRELAND competition in Mullinger. She looks convincing , she looks like a living ad up there!

Lisa loves being interviewed. This is why she needs to become a star, haha!

$100,000 cash prize or Lisa. Which do you choose? Answer quickly!

OK I'm only including the bathing suit shot as PROOF that Lisa is really in this
beauty pageant, in case people think we're pranking again. If she wins in September, Lisa would become international spokesperson for Planet Beach.
Congratulations, Lisa!!!
Speaking of Lisa and pranks...
See that red pointy hand icon up there in that picture?
Well, you'll have to take our word for it, but that hand points to Lisa Peters, beauty queen, involved in an elaborate PUBLIC PRANK DANCE FLASH MOB in Dublin, Ireland just the other day. For some reason only one person videotaped it, and he neither concentrated on getting good shots of all the dancers nor on getting many good crowd reactions. It's a shame the event wasn't documented better, since the girls obviously put so much effort into their rehearsals.
This is the side of Lisa that usually only comes out after midnight-- the
elaborate, fully thought-out prankster side. She'll invest days and days setting you up and you'll be living in a false reality of her creating for however long she wants it. She's got the most surreal sense of humor and perspective on reality that I've witnessed, and she never fails to surprise me. She's the silliest person on the planet and then she'll send me an mp3 of her new secret song and it's so powerful and sad that it's almost painful to listen to. Her prankster attitude had me convinced for a long time that someone else was really writing her songs!!
I hope she gets back to releasing her music to the public, it's surreal in a BAD way to keep her music hidden.
Anyway, this info is for people who think Lisa is just a pretty girl.
ALTHOUGH, uhhh... she IS out on a modelling shoot as I write this!