Monday, December 13, 2010

Threatened by Pretty Girls!


Wednesday at 9:00pm
Eastville Comedy Club
85 East 4th St.
New York, NY
Mark Dowling
Ryan Dowling
Brett Druck (???)
Angel Yau
Charles McBee
Jon Curry
And possibly a suprise guest.
Tickets are $10 and there's a 2 drink minimum.
The first three people to show up will get in for FREE!

You can tell it will be a high-quality event by the lovely drawing above.
ASHLEY MITCHELL talks show biz with the legendary

Monday 12 midnight in Brooklyn, channel 56 or 69
and latenight 2 am in Manhattan, channel 67 or 75
See a preview HERE:

ALICIA AMERICAN's New Podcast Series
got off to a rip-roaring start, causing drama and creating enemies
as soon as it got released!
I had asked my conspiracy theorist internet radio celebrity friend
Frank Nora to please let Ashley Mitchell
and me upload our new Tony Clifton girl
Alicia American
to his radio site,
and he kindly allowed us to.
I had thought that the guys there were hardcore fans of various things, so
if any of them liked what we were doing, we might have a longterm fan
and possible friend. It was innocently intended on my part.
But check out the heated initial reaction:

"Not sure this is a good fit for the Underground. Seems more like a commercial
project aimed at a women’s audience. We are neither commercial or female."
~~ Wayne

"the character is mainly annoying, i guess shes supposed to be, but funny
annoying would be better, just annoying makes u switch off.
ummm maybe well grow to love her, just my 2 sense, my three sense is free."
~~ Eddie

Oh but the guy from Ireland urges patience with Alicia, which would make sense, I mean "cents" I mean--

"Well it’s certainly different, but how many of us would have been
judged well on our first ever podcast, especially if it’s less than three
minutes ling? My first one hundred shows sucked big time! :)" ~~ Neal

Neal, our next podcast will be less than TWO minutes ling!

The reaction was so much more awesome than I had anticipated!
They knew this was a character, well maybe Eddie couldn't comprehend that, but
the other two must have--
yet still responded to "her" as though she were the bad guy wrestler!

The last time I did Tony Clifton girls, I had one girl in Australia and another in Ireland
performing the characters and we put it anonymously in front of a teenage audience and younger--
they responded to the characters angrily as though they were real people.
This time, Ashley and I have put clear credits on the audio and released it
to an audience of middle-aged (mostly) right wing male conspiracy theorists,
and they STILL responded in a style Pavlov and Andy Kaufman would have enjoyed.

It's been so long since I've done anything with balls, I forgot about the haters, haha.
It reminds me of the old days with Lisa-- she was the most hated girl on YouTube back then, haha.
You don't realize people are paying attention until you start to get haters.

I used to know this girl who pointed out to me that
half the people who have heard of Madonna HATE Madonna.
If people are pissed at you, it means you've gotten under their skin in some way.
I personally loathe Lady Gaga and have never heard any of her music, but I know this means
she must be successful for me to abhor the notion of her.
So obviously if these guys are threatened by Alicia, that means Ashley and I are on the right track.
Wait till they hear next week's podcast, which is about how Alicia enjoys being molested
in public by security at airports!
Or wait till the cartoon comes out about the two girls going to China
and doing bad Jerry Lewis Chinese people imitations in the faces of the locals!

Basically, the idea should offend every stupid American if we do it right,
but it should make some smarter Americans laugh, as well as
many Europeans and Asians and Africans and South Americans and umm.. Eskimos.

I hope Frank doesn't kick us off the site but on the other hand...
that would be sort of bad-ass!!!
Like when Andy got banned from SNL!

or something.