Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rachel's 17th Birthday, Todd Rundgren vs. Jon Montgomery

You're invited to Rachel Trachtenburg's 17th birthday party! And it's also her dad's 41st birthday party!
And they have a new record deal! And Rachel has a new keyboard player in her band Supercute! And to find out all the latest news, just watch the video here:
I sure wish I had a woman to go to events and interview people with,
but Checker Phil did the best he could (not being female and all).
Thanks, Phil!
And thanks to Tina and Rachel for inviting me to the swell party!
Tina's tamales were delicious.

Watch ANGEL YAU as a little girl!
Find out why Todd Rundgren refused to produce Jon Montgomery's band--
and what Liv Tyler's mom had to do with it!
Wait till Monday latenight to watch it in Manhattan,
or view it right here and now on the web at this url:
The Moon is a Disco Ball

will return to the show NEXT WEEK!