Monday, March 21, 2011

The Moon Blows Up Huge!

Everyone's been talking about the "supermoon" lately,
and only a normal person would regard it as a coincidence
that at the same time the moon went big,
209 Show starlets
The Moon is a Disco Ball
finally started to get recognized in their local Florida press!
The Orlando Weekly's music section admits finally that
it's been attending every one of
The Moon is a Disco Ball's
recent events at Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall in Orlando!
And the Weekly has this to say about Lucy and Bethany:
"(T)heir fantastical ideas (storylines, costumes, props)
and cartoonishly girly spirit
is what makes these nights interesting and fun,
transforming the dive bar into a kind of screwball playhouse.And ... two things the Moon ladies do on an expert level is
hula hoop and bake.

The first feat is self-explanatory.
But the second hits home when you consider that they're both grads of
Le Cordon Bleu culinary college.
So, yeah, they may be wearing fluorescent wigs and nutty outfits but
they fucking slay it on desserts,

which they make themselves to sell at shows.
I mean, c'mon, PB&J bites!
They even featured a savory item:
a knockout amuse-bouche of
bacon-wrapped haricot verts.Oh yeahhh.
If this oddball confluence sounds like a little adventure,it is.
And these shows are free,
leaving you plenty of cash to try their legit baked goods.
Still remaining in this series are the "Folk Adventure" (Mar. 22-TOMORROW)
and "Enchanted Fairytale Forest" 
(Mar. 29) editions"
Good review, right?
Of course they get good reviews, they're my discoveries! haha
I'm very proud to work with Lucy and Bethany,
they're the real thing and are exciting to know
but never dramatic to know (my highest compliment).
If you're in the Florida area tomorrow or next Tuesday,
go to Uncle Lou's for an experience you'll still be talking about
many years from now.
And in this case, that's not any kind of exaggeration.
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