Monday, October 4, 2010

Following our nature

Congratulations to 209 Show star Angel Yau (above) for being accepted into the Philly Sketch Fest! She will be performing Saturday, November 13th, 7:30 pm at the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre. Says Angel, “My one-woman show, 'Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole in 3-D' will blow Philly away!!!”
No doubt.
In tonight's episode of the 209 Show, Tohm Lev (above) tells me about how she was on television in Israel, working for the army as an interviewer. She said the experience made her realize she wanted to create her own art instead of just helping other people spread the word about theirs. Whether that's true or whether that's what Israeli intelligence told her to say to American leftist artists, I can identify with the notion, and I think it explains a lot about where I'm at and where I'm interested in going next. I don't think I'd ever want to stop doing interviews but I think the reasons I want to do them are vastly different from earlier on. It's partially me working out new theories but partially me moving out of theorizing altogether and moving toward open-ended exploration instead. I'd explain more but you're already bored and you should be able to see for yourself what I mean in time.
209 Show on TV tonight:
Brooklyn 12 midnight channel 56 or 69
Manhattan 2am channel 67 or umm, I don't remember. Whatever channel you find it on, I suppose.
The last place I lived, I had a bunch of rotating female roommates. They told me I couldn't have a cat because they were allergic to pet fur. When they got a dog, I knew it was long past time for me to move out.
      The dog would cling to me for some reason. This weirded them out as much as it did me, but it was a nice little dog, some sort of beagle with super-short legs. It would push against my door and try to come in my room with me. It would throw itself forcefully against my legs when they would clip clop over in their high heels to stop it from “bothering” me. When they'd pick it up to carry it away, it would whimper and whine in misery.
     They also had two small green chattering parrots, the kind that can't learn to speak. That didn't stop the loudest woman there from trying to teach them to talk anyway all afternoon long, day after day. The birds hated everyone except one of the women and me. And the grandmother, but everyone liked her. One time she mentioned that the birds are quiet when I stand next to them, they stop chattering.
     The birds figured out I was moving before the humans did. I could tell this by their change in behavior toward me. I shared one last banana with them, then in the middle, went distractedly back into my room when my mind wandered. The parrots erupted into SCREAMING so I went back out and finished my banana standing by them. They didn't want any more banana, they just wanted some final eye contact with another sentient being.
It's bad for me to be around people who like to be abused because either they disrespect me for not abusing them, or I become abusive toward them and betray myself in the process. I think it's important that I be the “craziest” one in any scenario from this point forward (because I'm not actually very crazy after all). I've helped enough unstable people for three lifetimes, now I want to be associated with those more together than I am, so that I can go back to doing better work.
Everybody is doing the best they can. It's just that some people's biological imperative is to be con artists, strippers, escort girls, liars, and saboteurs. If there weren't a need in nature for such types, they would not exist. Everybody's playing the role they were cast in. Being angry at someone for stabbing you in the back makes as much sense as being mad at a bear for mauling you. Everyone is just following their nature.