Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tohm Lev/Jason Trachtenburg Live @ Sidewalk 9/21/2010

 Tohm Lev performed at Sidewalk last night along with Jason Trachtenburg and other of Tohm's talented friends.

 Here's a song by Jason from the show:

Fishing for Dollars

Jason in my mind holds the reigning title of "Greatest Living Songwriter."
And he's just as good without his glasses as with them, haha.
But this night belonged to Tohm Lev.
In Tohm's moving set, she performed a song about how someone you used to be so close to after a few years is like a total stranger, she performed a song about two people having entirely different views of the same relationship, she performed a song about being in love with someone who loves trivial things more than they love you, and she performed an incredible piece on piano about a couple who fought so much that finally they had to stop speaking entirely.That one is called, "No Words" and by far it was the standout performance of Tohm's part of the show. Sitting, playing piano and singing, Tohm commanded the attention, imagination and emotions of the audience in a way a full band never could. It was during this song that you could feel the Tohm Lev of the near future, who I think is about to become somebody.

If Tohm does become a star, it couldn't be happening to a nicer or harder-working person.