Monday, August 30, 2010

Lisa on TV in Ireland This Morning AGAIN!

It was the windiest of days, it was the flounciest of skirts.
The announcer calls Lisa a "very brave model" in this segment, andeven with the still photo above, you can already see why.
This is a scene from Lisa Peters on Irish national television this morning on the Ireland AM show, where she has become a semi-regular model lately. The reason for THAT should also be obvious.
Here she is in a "more conservative" outfit.
Lisa actually forgot this outfit and told me, "I had to run around the studio back to the dresser in these massive heels. You could hear me from a mile away! Quite funny. Anyway apart from that it ran smoothly. Lucky it wasn't live on air!"
It's very exciting to me that good things are finally happening for Lisa.
I've had faith in her, lost the faith, regained it so many times I could write three feature-length screenplays about this woman. She's justified my belief in her and I could not possibly be prouder of any person in my life than I am of 209 Show co-creator Lisa Peters.
Congratulations Lisa!
Here's the video:

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It was a great show at Otto's last night as Frank Wood presented his own all-star band, featuring the best musicians in New York City!
That blond singer there is Tohm Lev, who has been appearing on our show lately,
she is a longtime friend of Lisa Peters, so I trusted her to come on.
Apparently Frank liked what he saw and heard, now she's in "The Wood Nymphs,"
who are Frank's backup singers.
They're doing it again later in September, so if you want to catch a great show
check out for more details!